Responsible Business.

We are Open and Fair.

  • Ethical Principles.
  • Responsible Practices.
  • Sustainable Partnerships.

    Today's digital consumers are well informed and highly selective about who they do business with; the consumers of tomorrow will be more astute.

    Whether we are talking about online gaming, marketing, payments, data protection or who we do business with, we are committed to quality, responsibility and service.

Customer Care.

Our Customer is King.

  • Professional Support.
  • 365 days a year.
  • Available in 4 languages.

When dealing with our customers:

  • We aim to resolve enquiries at first point of contact.
  • We use plain language.
  • We are always courteous and respectful.
  • We keep our customers informed.

Technology 360.

We don't leave it to chance.

  • All Systems Authorised, Regulated.
  • Speed, Reliability, Execution.
  • Real Time Marketing Optimisation.

We have an entertainment technology-based culture; focused on ensuring our proprietary product development is 'best-of-breed' and services our customers needs.

Our advertising technology provides a 360 view of all advertising and gaming activity, optimising our media and enabling international growth.

Market size and opportunity.

There is a big world out there.
  • The UK market is worth ~£2.5 billion gross win.
  • 48% of the UK adult population gamble.
    Excluding the National Lottery ~23 million.
  • 10.7% of all UK adults bet regularly - ~5.1 million UK adults.
  • European adult population 300+ million, ~5% bet online.
  • Total European gaming audience, ~15 million adults.

Focus on regulated markets.

Our industry is undergoing an unprecedented shift from unregulated to regulated. We are focused on securing meaningful market share within regulated markets through a combination of organic and direct acquisition, while positioning ourselves to enter new territories as they become regulated.

  • Primary Markets.
  • United Kingdom, South America, Eastern Europe.
  • Secondary Markets.
  • Canada, South Africa, Southern Asia.